The Changing Landscape of Online Advertising

Advertising, the term that sets “jingles” ringing in the ears; stirs the mind with imagery of scantily dressed models flaunting their curves; reminds of rhymes, taglines, and of course, the unpleasant breaks that mar the essence of a quiz show or a thriller sequence in a film, has now expanded its realms beyond print, radio and television media. The ubiquitous Internet is that new powerful medium that’s disseminating information quickly, effectively, and in the manner, not offensive to the target market. Online advertising today forms the backbone of web-based businesses, and contributes a lion-share in revenue generation, something very important to keep any entity afloat in the competitive world. Over the years, this form of advertising, like other counterparts, has adapted and evolved to stay in tune with the changing requirements of web-based businesses. The following section takes you through the same track that online advertising, has traversed to acquire its current form.

The Origin & Evolution of Online Advertising

In the year 1994, HotWired, a web magazine prepared the first banner ad to be displayed on web page. At that time, when online advertising was in its nascent stage, the methods of cost-estimation for an ad too, were limited. This first online ad was sold depending on the number of individuals who saw it. Later, the practice was replaced by a better mechanism, called Cost-Per-Click that involved payment to the advertising agency only when a viewer clicked on the advertisement. Even today, new approaches for pricing the ads are being experimented with. It’s an ongoing process courtesy the demands of advertisers for economical solutions.

Coming Out of the Shadow of Traditional Advertising

An observation of the several transition phases of the online advertising in the past three decades, suggests that traditional advertisements dominated this new-age tool for quite long. The reference here is to the content presentation and the selection of modality. For example, majority of online ads were web versions of either business directories or newspaper classifieds. The shadow of traditional ads is still visible in the virtual world but not makes the same fraction as it used to five to ten years back. This is a significant change, and one that has garnered huge appreciation from all stakeholders.

Online Advertisements in 2014: A Complete Metamorphosis

The shape and form of online advertisements have undergone radical transformation while entering into the year 2014. Not only there is unanimous recognition for their potential as a powerful tool of promoting brands/products/services, but also a great degree of acceptance, which eventually drives the demand for more and more digital advertising agencies. Interactive banner ads, auctioned spaces on web pages and many more ad formats have just presented a sea of opportunities to the advertisers and at the same time given more freedom to advertising agencies to express on creative front.

Exploring Ways of Making Money With Banner Ads

If you want to make money with banner ads, then you have to go beyond the contextual advertising networks. In some cases, contextual advertising simply does not work and requires that you to exercise greater control regarding what is seen in the ad area. This is where you need to use the ad networks.

Compared to their heydays towards the end of 1990s, banner advertising payment rates have without doubt plummeted. However, there is a bit of good news for website owners searching for a reliable and flexible way to make money. These ads have evolved over time to bring with them many different options as well as variations for web masters.

When you team up with a top banner advertising network as opposed to intensive marketing to different clients, it saves you lots of time and gives you a steady income flow in the end. The amount of money that starts trickling in is a beautiful game of numbers – the more relevant advertisements you show, the more you make money with banner ads. Your work is just to implement certain codes in your banner area and the ad(s) will appear. When you associate with these networks, you will be referred to as a publisher or affiliate.

You however need to be careful when selecting a banner ad network; otherwise your effort towards making money with banner ads will stall. Many companies can promise the world, only to disappoint you when the return comes back as zero. Others may encourage very unethical advertising practices, and yet others may fail to pay according to the agreed terms and conditions. Even worse, some of these companies may fail to pay anything altogether.

Ensure that you read terms and conditions before signing with any banner ad company, at least so that you don’t break the rules without knowing them. You want to make money so shop around carefully because payout rates are different between networks. Besides that, check for an ad network that offers different advertising creatives like pop-up, pop-under, interstitial and more means of making money from your site.

Although you may not generate a million dollars via banner ads, they are still good means to recover website maintenance overheads as well as stack some cash in the bank. Well, if you actually generate a million dollars from our pieces of advice, donations will be thankfully accepted. This may not happen, so the best approach here is to target a modest return.

Importance Of Having A Website Banner

Needless to say, you never get a second chance to make a first impression on anyone’s mind. And when a visitor comes to your website so the first thing that makes your company’s impression on their mind is the banner of your website. Therefore, having an eye-catching banner is as important for your website as salt in a dish to add taste. After all, you also want to make a first impression on your visitor’s mind. Don’t you?

On the off-chance, your website doesn’t have any such banner so the chances you are losing more customers than you are gaining right now. A banner is a sort of advertising over the World Wide Web that showcases your offers to your customers and holds their attention. Here are some points that make you understand the importance of having a website banner.

Encourage Visitors: One of the common reasons to have a website banner is that it helps to encourage your customer to stay on your website for further browsing to understand your offered products and services. All in all, it increases the visibility of your website on different search engines and easily captures their attention.

Cheapest Way Of Advertising: Advertising can do wonders for your business growth and if you are not investing in it to save your money so you probably losing the countless business opportunities. Yes, advertising is expensive, but not all the time because website banner is the cheapest way to do it in an effective and creative manner.

Promote Company News: If your business holds any event and want people to know about it, so, website banner is the easiest way to do so. It allowed you to promote your company news and important information in a manner that captures the attention of its visitors, so, more and more people get involved in it.

Highlight Hot Products And Services: Another reason to have a website banner is that it helps to highlight your star products and services in front of your customer. It increases your conversion rate and gives new wings to your business promotion.

What do you think now? All above points clear your doubts regarding its importance for your business. The banner can be challenging to design but can do a miracle for your business growth and therefore you should hire a Website Designing Company to do this task. The banner is the gateway of your website makes sure it should be attractive and informative as well that increases your presence over the World Wide Web.

Understanding What A Security Is

Many people are into investing nowadays mainly because they want to double their money. Aside from that, they also want to keep funds which they plan to use in the future like for education, home purchase or business. This is why people invest in securities. For an investment product to be called a security, it must have the following characteristics:

It must be established with an investment of money.
It must be in an environment with one objective.
The expectation of profit should be present.
Earnings must come from the efforts of another person other than the investor.
There two main types of security which are equity securities and debt securities. The concept of equity security is that you get to invest your money to different companies and corporations and become a part owner of that firm. The main objective is to generate profit from funds invested. The expected profit that you will get is called a dividend. If the management of the firm does a good job in operating the business, then there is a big chance that you will get that dividend. On the other hand, debt equity is investing your money by lending funds to the company or corporation. Generation of profit is still the main objective. Interest is the profit that you will expect. It still depends on the management of the firm if the business will do well or not.

The main difference between the two is the relationship of the investor with the firm. In equity security, the investor is a part owner of the firm while in debt security, the investor is a creditor and he is not an owner of the firm. But that does not mean that equity is better than debt because when it comes to payment prioritization, creditors are paid first since it is the responsibility of owners to pay the liabilities of the firm.

Both types of security poses risks of their own. For equity security holders, there is capital risk which means the risk of an investor losing all of the money he invested in the business because of poor management of the officers of the firm or bankruptcy. There is also credit risk for debt security holders which means the risk of a creditor losing all of the money he lent the firm because of management failure. Every investment, there is an associated risk, but this does not stop people from investing because there is a bigger chance of profit, especially when investing in establish companies and corporation.

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